Last week I went for dinner in one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Milan, where I enjoyed excellent dishes of Japanese cuisine based on sushi and sashimi, expertly served with soy sauce and wasabi. As a wine to accompany these oriental delicacies I chose an Aromatic Traminer, also known as Gewurztraminer.

The Aromatic Traminer is a native Italian white wine produced in South Tyrol, and more specifically in Traminer, a small town in the province of Bolzano, and in other nearby towns. Its name, Gewurztraminer, literally means Spicy Traminer, thus taking its cue from the place of origin and its main organoleptic characteristic, that is its being particularly aromatic and at the same time fresh and delicate.

Foto Gewurztraminer
Diego Vita Gewurztraminer

It is a wine with an intense straw yellow color, characterized by golden reflections, and its taste is dry and velvety. Its intense and complex aroma is at the same time very delicate and particularly aromatic. The taste is structured, full-bodied and decisive, and fruity and floral notes emerge, with accentuated hints of spices and vanilla. In its very persistent aftertaste traces of licorice can be recognized, and its extraordinary aromatic taste surprises the palate making it particularly appreciated with the typical dishes of Japanese cuisine.

To get a good pairing between wine and sushi / sashimi, it is necessary to have in mind the characteristics of these famous nipponic delights, much more than simple dishes based on “raw fish”. Sushi and sashimi are among the symbols of Japanese gastronomic culture and their preparation is a real art, with particular attention to the aesthetic component. The sushi is based on cooked rice to which are added fish / vegetables / algae, while the main ingredients of sashimi are fresh raw mollusks / fishes – without rice – cut into thin slices.

There are so many variations and over the years sushi and sashimi have also conquered the palate of western countries, and Japanese and sushi / sashimi bar restaurants have long since become popular all over the world.

Making the right choice of pairing is not easy at all, and it is necessary to consider first the cooking / preparation technique and then the ingredients. Also for sushi and sashimi one of the fundamental principles of pairing is to find the right balance between food and wine.

Sushi and sashimi are light and very delicate dishes, so a safe and particularly apt choice certainly turns out to be the Aromatic Traminer, a white wine with unique qualities of delicacy and aromatic intensity whose freshness manages to excellently balance the fatness of raw fish, and whose persistence and aroma is perfectly combined with the particular aromatic and rather salty taste of soy sauce and with the spicy flavor of wasabi.

Written by: Diego Vita Sommelier








壽司和生魚片都是清淡且非常精緻的菜餚,因此肯定可以選擇一個安全且特別合適的選擇:Aromatic Traminer,這種白葡萄酒具有獨特的美味和芳香感,其新鮮度可以很好地平衡生魚的脂肪,並且它的持久性和香氣與醬油的特殊香氣和鹹味以及芥末的辛辣味完美結合。










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