Chianti La Pieve and Chianti Fortebraccio Riserva are top quality organic wines

The sale of organic products, and in particular organic wines, has recently grown exponentially in the huge Chinese market, together with the awareness of Chinese consumers towards healthy and quality. The Chinese are in fact increasingly informed about the importance of food and beverages quality, and above all of their healthiness.

To confirm the above there are numerous valid evidences, the most important of which even comes from government sources. The central committee of the Chinese Communist Party has in fact recently issued a report that can be defined in all respects “revolutionary”. The watchwords of the relationship are indeed the following: transparency, sharing, creativity, awareness of the importance of the quality of food and beverages as well as of the protection of the environment. Already in the title of the report we understand how China is in a phase of deep changes not only economic but also cultural: “For a better green governance”. The basis of the new assessments of the Chinese political establishment, increasingly pragmatic and less ideological, is that not only the market with its needs is a fundamental driver in the definition of effective policies, but that an efficient market is the basis for a useful government. This close interdependence between market and government choices is the basis on which Chinese politicians want to build their future. But the switch does not end here: the market is all the more efficient the better is its response to the real needs of Chinese consumers, and therefore all the more is “honest” as guarantor of quality products and useful and necessary services.

These are the essential topics and assumptions on the basis of which the superior quality wines offered by Zaapping, starting from those ones certified as organic, find great results in the whole Chinese wine market.

In this regard Chianti La Pieve and Chianti Fortebraccio Riserva are, as shown in the label where it is clearly stated “VINO BIOLOGICO”, organic wines produced in the beautiful Chianti hills close to Montaione, a small Tuscan village in the Chianti area near Florence, originating from the Etruscan and Roman ages. The wine estate covers almost 40 hectares all organic, in a wonderful place ideal for its position and the morphology of the land, characterized by sinuous hills and territories perpetually exposed to the sun.

The entire production process has kept alive the link with tradition, but at the same time making the most of the extraordinary climatic qualities and conditions of the territory through continuous improvements and investments in the vineyards and in the cellar, that have allowed to increase over time the quality of the wines up to levels of absolute excellence.

From the vineyards Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Cherry, Colorino and Merlot grapes are obtained, according to the best tradition of Chianti, planted in soils with different altitudes which, thanks to the calibrated temperature excursions, give rich and intense aromas. The vineyards underline and characterize a path that has to be considered an ideal model to respect and save the environment and the consumer health, which has led the winery to adopt the regulations and procedures for the “Organic Certification”, obtained in the year 2002, with the aim of providing wines of the highest quality produced in a fully sustainable manner.

The main difference with traditional non-organic wines is that the organic wines Chianti La Pieve and Chianti Fortebraccio Riserva do not contain chemicals at all and so compared to all other conventional wines have a very important added value: they respect and save the environment and the consumer health, and hold substances useful for the human organism, such as resveratrol, which numerous scientific researches has shown to be a therapeutic agent for the cardiovascular system.

Written by: Diego Vita Sommelier

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