Today I went to the agri-food market “Popogusto” in via Barnaba in Milan and I tasted this really interesting Dolcetto d’ Ovada. With a minimum alcohol content of 12.5 ° and at least one year of aging, it can boast the “superior” title. The Dolcetto d’Ovada is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in the province of Alessandria with Dolcetto grapes. It is a wine suitable to be consumed young, aging is advisable only for the “superior” one. Suitable to accompany first courses, meats and cheeses. To drink at a temperature of 16-20 ° C

Vita Canteen Italy
Diego Vita Canteen Italy


Written by: Diego Vita Sommelier


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今天,我去了米蘭Barnaba的農產品市場“ Popogusto”,品嚐了這個非常有趣的Dolcetto d’Ovada。 最低酒精度為12.5°,並且至少老化一年,它可以擁有“高級”稱號。 Dolcetto d’Ovada是一種DOC葡萄酒,在亞歷山德里亞省允許生產Dolcetto葡萄。 這是一種適合年輕時飲用的葡萄酒,建議僅對“高級”葡萄酒陳釀。 適合搭配第一道菜,肉和奶酪。 在16-20°C的溫度下飲用


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