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“The Italian government has chosen a transparent approach focused on defending national interests and protecting strategic infrastructures”

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Luigi Di Maio signed three Memorandum of Understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative, on e-commerce and Startups, on the occasion of the State visit to Italy of the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

The agreements are part of the 29 institutional and commercial agreements that have been signed today between Italy and China in the sectors of trade, energy, industry, infrastructure and the financial sector, in order to promote a strengthening of economic-commercial relations between the two countries, respecting the strategic lines of the European Union and our Euro-Atlantic position.

“The Italian government – declared the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Di Maio – has chosen a transparent approach towards China and our Euro-Atlantic partners, framing bilateral relations according to the principles that they have traditionally inspired and will continue to inspire our international action In this context, a careful monitoring of the individual collaboration initiatives that will be launched downstream of the agreements signed today, to ensure that they are always promoted, focusing on the defense of national interests and on the protection of strategic infrastructures, preventing thus transfer of technologies in sensitive sectors “.

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative – which has no value as an international agreement and therefore does not give rise to legally binding commitments – the Italian government reaches a framework agreement aimed at identifying objectives, principles and methods of collaboration in the great Eurasian connectivity project. A project on which Italy also looks positively for its strategic position at the center of the Mediterranean.

The goals that our country has set itself with the signing of this Memorandum are mainly: the strengthening of exports to the huge Chinese market, also to align our trade flows and foreign direct investments with those of other European countries such as Germany, France and United States Kingdom, which are clearly superior to ours; the involvement of our companies in the construction of infrastructure projects along the new Silk Road; the inclusion of our ports in international trade routes.

The memorandum also clearly defines the collaboration on the Belt and Road in conjunction with the principles of the 2030 Agenda, the 2020 EU-China Agenda and the EU strategy for Eurasian connectivity. This agreement, therefore, does not represent any risk for our national interests and is in line with the policies adopted by the EU towards China, which are instead protected, as no Member State has done so far in its dialogue with Beijing. Finally, the principles, shared across Europe, of mutual benefit, reciprocity, transparency, sustainability and protection of intellectual property are strongly promoted, to the point of creating real equal conditions.

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on electronic commerce, the goal is to promote cooperation between e-commerce companies and consumers operating in Italy and China, facilitating cooperation between SMEs and large e-commerce platforms and sharing best practices and innovations of companies from both countries.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Startups, on the other hand, aims to foster scientific and technological cooperation between Italian and Chinese startups. To this end, exchanges and collaborations are planned between the startups of the two countries, with the final objective of further developing bilateral cooperation between Italy and China.
The agreement also provides for the promotion of scientific and technological parks, industrial clusters and investments in risk capital that can allow innovative start-ups to have an international growth perspective, through the exchange of knowledge, processes and people. Great attention is also paid to the issue of intellectual property to prevent companies from being penalized by sharing information of an industrial nature that could be of competitive importance.
The implementation of the agreement will be followed for the Italian part by the Italy-China Task Force set up at the MiSE, and by the Chinese side by the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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意大利-中国:Di Maio签署了关于“一带一路”倡议,电子商务和初创企业的三份谅解备忘录



中华人民共和国主席习近平对意大利进行国事访问之际,副总理兼部长路易吉·迪·马约(Luigi Di Maio)签署了关于“一带一路”倡议,电子商务和新兴企业的三份谅解备忘录。


“意大利政府宣布为副总理兼首相迪·马约(Di Maio)–对中国和我们的欧洲-大西洋伙伴选择了一种透明的方法,根据两国传统上启发并将继续激发我们国际行动的原则,建立双边关系。在这种情况下,将仔细监测将在今天签署的协议之后启动的各个合作倡议,以确保始终促进它们的发展,重点是捍卫国家利益和保护战略基础设施,从而防止技术转让在敏感领域”。







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