Today I want to offer you a combination of red wine with a typical dish of southern Italy very tasty: “Paccheri alla Napoletana” with octopus ragù; with this typical dish of Neapolitan cuisine, Etna Rosso is very well combined, a Sicilian red wine with ruby red color also characterized by an intense aroma and a vinous taste. The combination may seem audacious, but I assure you that it works very well, try it to believe it !!!

今天,我想为您提供红酒和意大利南部典型美味的组合:“ Paccheri alla Napoletana”和章鱼ragù;埃特纳·罗索(Etna Rosso)与那不勒斯美食这道典型菜肴完美地融合在一起,西西里红宝石色的宝石红色也具有强烈的香气和葡萄酒的味道。结合起来似乎大胆,但我向您保证,它运作得很好,请尝试相信它!

Paccheri Alla Napoletana
Paccheri Alla Napoletana









Diego Red Paccheri
Diego Red wine with “Paccheri alla Napoletana”
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