Last July I was invited to Paris to a business dinner by a very important client of mine at a famous restaurant in the Trocadéro area, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. During the gala dinner we tasted various top quality French red wines, but we all looked forward to tasting the Chateau Petrus. Finally now it’s up to the Petrus. Waiting and expectations are enormous for the celestial Merlot of Pomerol. The color is a dark ruby ​​red with deep violet reflections, and by bringing the glass closer to the nose, the classic Bordeaux smells are released with violence. The Petrus is like a purebred horse. He begins to trot more and fast, and notes of plum and black cherry emerge from the glass followed by shades of licorice, hints of aromatic herbs and aromas of damp earth. On the palate then it is full-bodied, muscular and tannic. It leaves the mouth velvety and smooth, and closes with a persistent, aromatic and long finish. We should perhaps wait a few more years to savor the true potential of this Petrus that has been served to us, and who knows how those notes of smoke will evolve. Pairing with pate was really appropriate. Chapeau bas !!!


去年7月,我的一個非常重要的客戶邀請我去巴黎的Trocadéro地區一家著名餐廳,俯瞰埃菲爾鐵塔,參加商務晚宴。在盛大晚宴上,我們品嚐了各種頂級法國紅酒,但我們都期待品嚐佩特魯斯城堡。現在終於到了Petrus。對於波美侯的美樂,人們的等待和期望是巨大的。顏色是深紅寶石色的深紅寶石色,通過將玻璃靠近鼻子,強烈釋放出波爾多的經典香氣。 Petrus就像一匹純種馬。他開始越來越快地跑動,玻璃杯中出現李子和黑櫻桃的味道,然後是甘草的陰影,淡淡的芳香藥草和潮濕的泥土香氣。口感濃郁,肌肉發達,單寧。它使口感柔軟光滑,並以持久,芳香和長久的收尾效果閉合。我們也許應該再等幾年,才能品嚐到已經為我們服務的這種Petrus的真正潛力,並且誰知道這些煙味將如何演變。與醬搭配非常合適。 Chapeau bas !!!

Vita Risto Paris
Diego visiting the restaurant in Paris


Written By: Diego Vita Sommelier


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