Chianti, the most famous Italian wine in the world, has its own trademark officially registered for export to China.

Chianti DOCG brand was in fact recorded in Chinese characters and the transliteration has a phonetics very similar to the original, and is pronounced ‘Shiandi’. In its translation, the brand has a positive meaning. The first of the three characters that make up the word Shiandi is precisely used to indicate an activity in favor of third parties, the second represents peace, and the third represents the roots of a flower.

Shiandi Chianti
Shiandi Chianti Trademark

It is an epochal step for the brand that establishes the rooting of Chianti in the Chinese market. Thanks to an intense promotional work, the Chianti DOCG wine is in fact currently the Italian wine best known and loved by the Chinese and thanks to its registered brand it will in the future become more and more widespread and appreciated in China.
In addition to registering the brand, among the various promotional activities that are contributing to increasing the success of Chianti in the Chinese market, those promoted by Enoteca Italiana, Chianti Academy and Vinitaly certainly deserve a special mention.


Italian Enoteca

A marriage between Chinese food and Italian wine, this is the path to follow at the foot of the Great Wall to promote the excellence of Made in Italy wine. This is the word of Enoteca Italiana, the national wine body, which has long started an ambitious long-term training and promotion project for Italian labels in China, with the support of its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai.

Among the various promotional activities, the program also includes training and information courses for directors, sommeliers and chefs in the most upscale Chinese restaurants, in order to learn how to properly combine Italian wine with Chinese cuisine.

The excellence protagonists of the project were initially all Tuscan denominations, with Chianti having made the lion’s share with four distinct names.

At the end of the project the most requested Italian wines will be permanently included in the wine lists of all the Chinese restaurants involved.

Chianti Academy

Recently the first Chianti Academy was born in China, a real Chianti school dedicated to wine lovers and wine professionals, and where the history and culture of the great Tuscan wine, the production chain and the policies of product protection are studied, and the wines of different labels are tasted to then analyze the combinations with Chinese food.

To obtain the Chianti Wine Expert qualification issued by the Chianti Wine Consortium, the candidate is expected to attend four different lesson modules and pass a final exam.

The courses, which are repeated annually in different cities of China, are always organized with the support of Interwine of Guangzhou, one of the leaders of the Chinese trade fair market and for some years a partner of the Chianti Wine Consortium in promotional activities in China.

What do you study then at the Chianti Academy? It starts with the history of Chianti wine, beginning from the Etruscans. We then analyze the production chain of the denomination, the Tuscan culture linked to wine, the protection of the product, the production disciplinary, passing through an intensive tasting of different labels assorted by the Consortium among all the types of existing and representative Chianti products.

But the students of the Chianti Wine Academy are also able to deal with very current issues, such as food pairings, consumption among young people, communication and product marketing.

In recent years, along with the exponential growth of Chianti wine exports all over the world, attention has also increased for training and for a better knowledge of the Chianti product, a symbol of Tuscan culture and Italian excellence in the world. Hence the idea of ​​the Academy, an important step to consolidate the presence of Chianti in a country like China where this wine is already well known and appreciated, with an ever-increasing interest that does not end with consumption or tasting , but which also involves culture and tradition.


Vinitaly, the largest and most important international exhibition in the world dedicated to wines and spirits that takes place every year in Verona, now also arrives in China, and from 2020 in Shenzhen comes “Wine to Asia”.

Wine to Asia is born not only as a new annual exhibition on wine in Shenzhen, but also and above all as a multi-channel platform to protect the market and permanently promote the best Made in Italy labels in China, starting from Tuscany and from Chianti in particular. The first edition of the fair will be held in 2020 in Shenzhen and will be organized in partnership by Vinitaly – Veronafiere and a Chinese partner.

Wine to Asia is realized through a newco of which the Veronese company holds the majority share but with the local participation of “Pacco Cultural Communication”, one of the most important Chinese companies in the realization of events and supply of advanced digital services dedicated to the world of China’s wine. Pacco Cultural Communication also has an e-commerce platform and has a perfect knowledge of the wine market in China, with a proprietary database on the most complete and professional wines.

This new permanent initiative of  Veronafiere, which in the last few years under the Vinitaly brand has organized among other multiple trade fairs in China, therefore represents the decisive and definitive qualitative leap in the approach of Italian wine to the Chinese market.


Written By: Diego Vita Sommelier



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