Gliding in central Italy you discover unspoiled nature, rolling hills rich in vineyards that stretch as far as the eye…

Overwiew of the Tuscany Land (Italy)

and a glass of red wine will make you taste the flavor of this land to your table.

serving red wine
Red Italian Wine Chianti served on table

Since ancient times the Etruscans and the Romans have produced excellent wine in these green valleys, between ancient vineyards and farmhouses.

Etruscan bas-relief showing wine drinkers (9th century BC)

And the Sangiovese, undisputed king of Tuscan grape varieties, was already praised in the past by Pliny the Elder as one of the most prized wines in the world.

Etruscan plate showing grape pickers (9th century BC)

In this living and wild nature, ancient virtues and crafts remain unchanged in the farmhouses, where the ancient cult of typical home cooking continues to be handed down. And still today we are toasting with red wine to this land so generous that it infuses joy and light-heartedness.

Tasting Red Wine with Typical Tuscany dishes

Wine production is codified for the first time in Tuscany in the Renaissance, and in the second half of the twentieth century oenology is always born in Tuscany, from which all contemporary viticulture derives. In addition, organic viticulture is increasingly used, which without the use of chemical substances allows to respect the environment and the health of consumers. The ancient Italian tradition arrives today in the best restaurants in the world, where skilled hands of sommeliers know how to make you try the taste of a unique and remote tradition. Labels such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino or Sassicaia are now appreciated and known everywhere. A taste and a refinement that does not end with the day, but that is a new dawn of a new day.

An Italian tradition, a true Italian spirit !!!

watch also relevant video taken in Tuscany region:

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Written by: Diego Vita Sommelier


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Sangiovese,無可爭議的托斯卡納葡萄品種之王,過去已經被老普林尼(Pliny the Elder)譽為世界上最珍貴的葡萄酒之一。




在文藝復興時期的托斯卡納,葡萄酒生產首次被編纂,在二十世紀下半葉,釀酒學總是誕生於托斯卡納,所有當代葡萄栽培都源於此。另外,越來越多地使用有機葡萄栽培法,其無需使用化學物質就可以尊重環境和消費者的健康。今天,古老的意大利傳統在世界上最好的餐館中出現,在這裡,侍酒師的熟練技能使您能夠嘗試品嚐獨特而偏遠的傳統。如Chianti,Brunello di Montalcino或Sassicaia之類的標籤如今已廣為人知並廣為人知。品味和精緻不會隨著一天的結束而結束,但這是新一天的新曙光。




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