Yesterday I was in the Langhe and for lunch we tasted this excellent Nebbiolo Langhe DOC produced with Nebbiolo grapes. The wine is characterized by a good structure with hints mainly fruity and then floral and spicy, open and intense. On the palate the elegance is accompanied by the fullness of the structure, and we find the fruit, a slight roughness given by the young tannins and a pleasant persistence. We have successfully paired it with some typical regional dishes of the Langhe based on truffles of Alba, both white and black.

Diego Langhe
Diego Langhe

Written by: Diego Vita Sommelier



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昨天我在朗格(Langhe),午飯時,我們品嚐了這種由內比奧洛(Nebbiolo)葡萄釀製的極佳內比奧洛(Nebbiolo Langhe)DOC。該酒的特點是結構良好,略帶水果味,然後有花香和辛辣味,開放而強烈。口感優雅,結構飽滿,並帶有水果味,年輕的單寧帶來輕微的粗糙感和持久的持久力。我們已經成功地將其與一些基於阿爾巴松露(白色和黑色)的朗格地區特色菜餚搭配。


撰寫者:Diego Vita

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